Enchanting journey through St.Moritz

Stepping out of the Badrutt Palace, the air is so crisp and beautifully fresh. Across the street from some of the best shopping spots from Tom Ford to Jimmy Choo, it’s undoubtedly the best place to stay. A traditional carriage fronted by two stunning horses is waiting for us. It has everything you need to keep you warm, it’s covered in shearling with soft cushions, but don’t be fooled by the beauty of the winterland and wrap up for your trip.

St Moritz might appear to be the most traditionally Alpine Swiss destination, but once you discover it you realize it’s a city of contrasts where the old and the new merge in the most organic way. Just have a look at the Chesa Futura, an extraordinary high tech piece of architecture that fits with the surroundings and gives the city a futuristic feeling.

Doina is wearing CHIOCCIOLINA earrings and ring. ONDE Ring on the close-up.