A Constellation of Diamonds,
Stars & Sound Bits

On Saturday evening we emerged into the world of de Grisogono. We were told it would be a very glamorous evening so I had a black cocktail dress prepared for the occasion. Once dressed, we stopped by the de Grisogono boutique in the hotel to choose pieces to wear for the night. With an overwhelming amount of pieces from the new collection, all elegant and colorful, it was a tricky to make a decision. However, having worn a black dress, I went for the Allegra Earrings in white gold and black ceramic set with emeralds and a Gocce Ring in the same shade. Now we were ready to start the evening.

First stop was for dinner at the freshly opened restaurant at Badrutt’s Palace, Igniv. Thanks to Andreas Caminada’s innovative concept, each of our meals were a unique experience followed by some exceptionally tasty cocktails.

Once the dinner was finished, we moved to the hottest nightclub in the region, King’s Club. That involved great music and lots of fun.

Doina is wearing ALLEGRA Earrings and Gocce Ring. She can also been seen trying MELODY OF COLOURS Earrings.